Dan Cantor

Dan Cantor co-founded the New York Working Families Party and served as the party’s National Director from 1998-2018. This 2014 American Prospect article describes some of the party’s accomplishments and challenges during his tenure. Prior to the formation of the WFP, he spent two decades as a community organizer (ACORN), labor organizer (ULU), and political organizer (Jackson for President ‘84 & ‘88 campaigns; New Party). He now consults on structural reform efforts that unite the left, center, and pro-democracy right against the authoritarian strain in American politics. To that end he focuses on the revival and re-legalization of fusion voting in America. This 2019 piece in The Nation, co-authored with Maurice Mitchell, was a response to former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s efforts to outlaw fusion voting in New York, and is a good introduction to why it should not only be preserved but expanded.