Tell Your Governor to Support Fusion Voting

Dear Governor,
It’s time to make a real change in how politics works in America.

The American political system is broken. It’s stuck in a bad cycle. The two main parties, Republicans and Democrats, are always fighting each other. They care more about beating the other side than actually fixing the problems our country faces.

We want to move away from this dangerously dysfunctional two-party system and return to a better system where more voices are heard and different ideas can thrive.

That’s why we’re asking you to support Fusion Voting, which lets a candidate run for office with the support of more than one party on the ballot. With Fusion Voting, a candidate can get votes from people who support different parties, but all those votes count the same. It’s a way for voters to show they want change without feeling like they’re wasting their vote or risking “spoiling” an election.

Fusion voting was once practiced in every state, giving voice and power to advocates for abolition, farmers, workers, and others seeking a stronger voice.

We believe reviving Fusion Voting can help make our democracy stronger, more fair and less divisive. Please consider supporting it so we can restore our democratic ideals.

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