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Our two-party political system isn’t working. The fix? More parties.

"The way to build the health of our political parties and thus of our democracy is by ensuring meaningful competition. We might have a two-party system, but in most parts of the country, we really have only a one-party system. Even where the two parties compete, they each have an effective monopoly on opposition. Only vibrant multiparty democracy can create enough competition. We need reforms that expand the possibilities for more and better parties to form."

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Want to encourage centrists? Tell the party bosses to back off

“An FDU poll from February showed that 56% of New Jerseyans from across the spectrum support fusion voting, while only 32% oppose it…Poll director Dan Cassino believes the reason is simple: The system needs reform, and everybody knows it. “The argument against fusion ticket laws has always been about maintaining stability,” Cassino said. “But when both sides are unhappy with the way their parties are going, that stops being a compelling case.”’

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3 ways to build a pro-democracy coalition

"Democracy defenders can experiment with new parties to pull voters away from the GOP. For example, Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-N.J.), who is in a tough reelection fight in New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District, recently received the endorsement of the new Moderate Party. If the party prevails in its lawsuit against the state’s ban on ‘fusion’ parties, Malinowski would appear on the ballot under both the Democratic and Moderate banners."

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